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EMI is a pure R&D entity, developing technologies that enable machines to understand and control complex systems (including other machines) non-invasively. Using proprietary mathematics and high-performance computing, including new massively-parallel GPU cards, candidate mathematical models are evolved (literally!) from noise-polluted partial information. This is done using new techniques, superior to "off-the-shelf" solutions such as neural networks.


EMI has formed the commercial company Turbine MachineGenes, to enable machine-intelligent reconstruction of high-value high-complexity engines and other relevant industrial systems worldwide.
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Team MachineGenes has progressed to the semifinals of IBM Watson's AI XPRIZE competition, showcasing medical applications of the machine learning / AI platform used by Evolving Machine Intelligence, Turbine MachineGenes and Diabetes Neuromathix .

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At EMI and TMG, our software evolves candidate mathematical models and conducts machine-intelligent testing of their assumptions and ambiguities, exploring the worst-case effects of "known unknowns" by playing against a machine-intelligent adversary. Then, by communicating the consequent processes, models, assumptions and advice clearly and interactively to human operators - by being transparent, where neural networks are opaque - our software is able to generate high-confidence machine-intelligent strategies to control engineering systems and implement these strategies for real-world applications.


Current applications of our algorithms include analysis of civil aviation engines and (elsewhere) the development of an artificial pancreas. Other areas of interest include military aviation and maritime engines, oil and gas wells, power generation, complex industrial systems and other high-performance applications.



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